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“Society of the Spectacular” Reception

"Society of the Spectacular"
Friday January 27th from 7-11pm
@ the Coprosperity Sphere 3221 S Morgan St
Simulated realities, virtual landscapes and digital social networks strongly shape
our daily experiences and what we perceive as reality. "Society of the Spectacular" is an exhibition about our constant connection with the hyperreal. Visual Simulcra: Eric Fleischauer Jesse McLean Steve Ruiz Doug Smithenry Theo Darst Todd Mattei Morgan Sims Aaron Orsini & Adam Rux Musical Stimuli: Volcano American Draft Turntable.fm Curated by: Jake Myers & The Octagon Gallery This combination of fabricated sounds and eye candy will surely leave you in
skeptical awe of our spectacular society. If you can't make it on Friday the 27th, the exhibit will be up from January 14- 28th.
Please contact Jake Myers @ 6302157125 to set up an appointment."