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Hornswagglers Exhibition

Show-Image For one night only, Hornswaggler Arts celebrates two years of hand-crafted cocktails, opening exhibitions and collected works. On Friday October 7th, 2011, we'll be exhibiting the Hornswaggler Collection in its entirety at the Co-Prosperity Sphere in scenic Bridgeport. Over forty collected works will be on display, and as always we'll have delicious cocktails at the ready. This event will also mark the debut of the Hornswaggler Lending Library, a short term loan program where works from the Hornswaggler Collection are made available to the public. Helping us christen this exciting new chapter in Hornswaggler history will be Arcade Brewery. They'll be on hand all night serving up their tasty community inspired craft beers. The show will be up for one night only, so come on down and say howdy.

Collected artists include:

Stephen Eichorn

Rebecca Grady

Peter Takamori

Koen Taselaar

Kristen Taylor

Jason Polan

Will Miller

Juan Angel Chavez

Richie Bearden

Chad Kouri

Nick Adams

Patrick Lichty


Matt Austin

Jennifer Ray

Jason Lazarus

Matt Nichols

Aesthetic Apparatus & Delicious Design League

Nancy Rosen

Dustin Ruegger

Emily Green

Drew Griffith


Sanya Glisic

Ben Gill

Claudia Berns

Jeremy Lundquist

Dawn Fettler

Doug Fogelson and David Castillo

Conrad Baker

Eric Fleischauer

Jessica LaBatte

Aay Preston-Myint

Steve Reinke

Pamela Fraser

Ben Driggs

Michael Siriani

Thad Kellstadt