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Trendbeheer Meets Proximity
Cheap Ambien Online, December 18 and Dec 19 , 2009
(This show is only on display for 2 days!)
Co-Prosperity Sphere
3219 S Morgan St.

Opening reception: 7pm-9pm December 18, Cheap ambien 10 mg without prescription, 2009

Performance Program - 9pm - 1am December 18, 2009
Featuring Julian Lynch, Jeroen Kuster, adderall ambien, Michael Perkins, Ambien from mexico, Mike Vallera, and Henry James Glover.
$5 admission at the door, generic ambien picture.

Rotterdam VHS Film Festival Program: December 19 , Ambien during labour, 2009 7pm

For the past two years Public Media Institute and Proximity magazine have been collaborating with Trendbeheer.com, a Rotterdam-based arts initiative, ambien without prescription overseas, to bring artists and projects to each other's cities.

This December Trendbeheer will be mounting a show at C-PS to coincide with issue 6 of Proximity magazine, themed (An)Other Worlds, Cheap Ambien Online. Torrent pharmaceuticals ltd ambien zolpidem, Issue 6 includes an expansive Rotterdam Section and artists interviewed in the issue will be present in Chicago for the Trendbeheer Meets Proximity exhibition.

Trendbeheer will be bringing information about the Rotterdam art scenes displayed in an ad hoc Info Kiosk.  They will screen a Rotterdam VHS Film Festival program and a present a performance by Jeroen Kuster.

 The exhibition features works by Niels Post, Jeroen Kuster, recipe ambien, Jeroen Jongeleen, Quitting ambien, Petra van Noort and Charlotte Schleiffert, Olaf Mooij, Gyz LaRiviere, depression after taking ambien, Marcha van den Hurk, Research article ambien, Koen Taselaar and Villeroy & Boch.

Info on the artists:

Niels Post explores public space and his computer screen in a playful and humorous way. He lives and works in Rotterdam, is the editor of tendbeheer.com and made headlines when he turned the number one landmark of Rotterdam into his own personal postal address, french coma ambien.

Jeroen Kuster is a sculptor who is steadily creating and archiving his private animal kingdom mostly using non-organic materials. Cheap Ambien Online, You can't have missed him during the last two Version Festivals. Ambien with no prescription, Charlotte Schleiffert is well known for her large scale drawings and installations, for this exhibition she has created three new works. In 1999 she won the Prix de Rome, ambien in brazil. Her work has been exhibited in many international group and solo exhibitions. Ambien zolpidem drug screen, Petra van Noort is a sculptor turned painter. Her sexually explicit large-scale mural won her the Stroom/ The Hague encouragement prize in 2007, Cheap Ambien Online. She's also involved in the artist run studio building Singer Sweatshop in Rotterdam.

Olaf Mooij's work deals with the birth, ambien alprazolam, life and eventually death of mankinds most treasured family member; the automobile. Sonata ambien vs sonata, He is very well known for his art cars, lives and works in Rotterdam and is a founding member of the oldest artist-run studio building in the city, Kunst & Complex, ambien no rx.

Jeroen Jongeleen commutes between Paris and Rotterdam and has a lot of fun in between. Cheap Ambien Online, His adventures in forbidden territory seem to balance between playful mischief and urban criminality. Keyword ambien zolpidem boards, By discarding the rules, he turns the city into an urban playground.

Koen Taselaar garduated in 2008 and is quickly making a name for himself drawing anything he can get his hands on, eminem ambien. His zines and posters have been exhibited internationaly, But ambien, at the Co-Prosperity Sphere he will show blown up versions of his modern computer bugs.

Marcha van den Hurk has been photographing, drawing and painting drifters and loners over the last few years, drug interaction ambien plavix. In every portrait she tries to provide a shelter that keeps these drifters safe in the world outside, Cheap Ambien Online. She also runs the residency program at the Rotterdam artist run initiative Het Wilde Weten. Insufflate ambien cr, Gyz la Rivière, his work is about being restless, empty, ambien amounts, bored and saturated. Heath ledger ambien pneumia deadly combination, In the western world there is a continuing drive for lust and reinventing ‘taste’. He likes to archive this process, so that he is capable of capturing time and separating himself from it. That way he is arranging time like a visual archivist. He lives and works in Rotterdam and is also one of the two HuMobisten.


Trendbeheer meets Proximity #4 has been made possible with the generous support of Dienst Kunst & Cultuur and Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst in Rotterdam.



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